Our Story

The JustShare vision stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine, which left the JustShare team jobless without any sustainable income whatsoever. In a panicked scramble for quick-cash we came to the realization that we had a house full of STUFF that we rarely used, and could rent or sell immediately to people and friends in our community.

JustShare granted us the opportunity to continuously profit off of goods that weren't being used on a daily basis. The pandemic was a time when people from all over of the globe were stuck inside their homes and away from the joys of everyday life. Our team wanted to reinstitute the idea of sharing back into the community at the time where we needed it the most. JustShare hopes to benefit all of our users! As a seller: you can continuously make profit off of items that you already own! And as a buyer you can save tremendously by renting anything that you desire. At JustShare you can save a little or make a little, fast and effortlessly, together. Join the Community today!