About Us

RentRadius is a fast and effortless way to sell and rent your stuff near you!

We at RentRadius wanted to provide a platform where users can share everyday items in their home by renting, selling, or buying these products with people in their area without any stress. During the Covid-19 Pandemic it was our goal to create a user friendly platform that appealed to people who wanted to sell, rent or buy products in their area on the internet and appreciated efficiency. Having trouble letting go that old bike in your garage?  Well you don't have to!  Now with RentRadius, you can continuously make money off of items you already own and love by listing them as rentals and sharing them with your community; without the hassle of restocking inventory making a profit has never been easier or more enjoyable. Buyers on RentRadius can rent items for a length of their choosing, and can extend their rentals if necessary, they can even buy an item if they love it that much and want to keep it forever. Users have the option to add their occupation as well so that they can be immediately notified about the latest listings related to their job in their area and beyond. At RentRadius you can save a little or make a little, fast and effortlessly, together.


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